I love making new never before heard sounds for synths and also emulating the iconic sounds of classic analog synthesizers like the OB8, Prophet, DX7, Pro1, JP8, SH2, and Juno synths.

Many of the sounds I love most are lacking from the factory banks of modern synthesizers. So I try to bring back classic sounds to modern synths. On this site you will find a lot of nice sounds in the various sound sets I’ve made.

All audio previews on this site are ‘unaffected’, they are the raw sounds recorded straight out of the machine. In some of the examples I have used the same sound multi-tracked. This way you can hear the same sound over a wider register of notes and get a feel for its full flavor. Other song demos feature more than one preset so you can get a feel for how the sounds in the set work together.

I want the sounds from NWP to give you the solid building blocks you need for a wide variety of musical genres! And if you have questions or comments send me an email to the address below.


New Wave Presets