Analog Drums Volume 2

    128 of the finest drum sounds available for the Elektron Analog Keys/Four

    ‘Analog Drums Volume 2’ brings another huge array of the best analog drum sounds to the Elektron Analog Keys and Analog Four. Like Analog Drums Volume 1 this set is geared toward those who want the best classic analog drum sounds out their Elektron Analog Keys/Four. Get the most out of your Elektron synth by turning it into the fabulous drum machine that it can be! Mix and match these sounds with Analog Drums Volume 1 to fill your ‘sound pool’ with for a complete drum machine powerhouse. Combine these sounds with ‘P-locks’ to replicate the classic sounds of old analog drum machines and lay down the best beats!

    Analog Drums Volume 2 focuses on useful building blocks for creating hot drum tracks now. These drum sounds are modeled after classic drum machines, and acoustic percussion instruments. They have been carefully selected and balanced to work together for kit building. And prepared with care to avoid shrill resonance spikes, uneven volume levels, and unintended distortion.

    This sound set includes the following:

    • 39 Kicks
    • 32 Snares
    • 12 Hats
    • 35 Percussion Instruments (toms, shakers, wood blocks, rim shots, etc)
    • 8 SFX
    • 2 Glitch
    • All drum presets are organized by drum type and alphabetically arranged.
    • For AK users all drums have useful parameters mapped to the modulation joystick.

    Check out the examples below to get a taste of what’s included in Analog Drums Volume 2.

    These examples were all recorded straight out of the AK into Ableton Live.

    A small amount of reverb and compression was used on each these examples. Classic drum machine patterns were used to highlight how the Elektron Analog Keys/Four sounds as a classic drum machine.

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3

    Example 4

    Example 5

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