Analog Foundations Volume 1

    128 Classic building blocks for your Elektron Analog Keys/Four

    Analog Foundations Volume 1 gives you the best building blocks to create cool songs on your Elektron Analog Keys/Four. The focus of Analog Foundations is to bring back classic synthesizer sounds we know and love to the Elektron Analog line of synths. These presets emulate many classic synths, and acoustic sounds that are missing from the factory presets.

    Analog Foundations Volume 1 for the Elektron Analog Keys/Four includes a wide array of classic synthesizer sounds. You get basses, leads, drums, pads, keys, FX, and more. Analog Foundations Volume 1 includes 128 sounds organized in order of instrument type and arranged alphabetically so you can quickly find the sound you need. Check out the audio previews below to get an idea of what is included.

    • Analog Foundations gives you the classic sounds your Elektron synth needs!

    Analog Foundations Volume 1 includes 128 sounds in 1 .syx file to load into your Elektron Analog Keys or Analog Four.

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