Take a journey through 128 new sounds for your Elektron Analog Keys/Four

    Elektrosphere for the Elektron Analog Keys/Four will propel your synthesizer through a refreshing new world of unique sounds! Elektrosphere is the result of one month of careful programming, and attention to making the most musically useful sounds. All New Wave Presets sounds offer a higher level of quality than what you will find from many other preset packs. For Analog Keys players all sounds have useful parameters mapped to the modulation joystick. All volume levels have been checked for consistency, feedback, resonance spikes, and distortion. And all categories of sounds are included to make many complete compositions using just this sound set alone.

    Elektrosphere includes a nice selection of classic sounds, such as emulations of vintage synths, and acoustic instruments, but focuses on other worldly sounds and atmospheres. This package also features a convenient layout starting with basses, leads, keys, pads, and so on, listed by order of type and arranged alphabetically.

    There are 128 sounds in total packaged into 1 .syx file ready to be opened by your Elektron Analog Keys/Four.

    Take a sonic journey through the Elektrosphere!

    Check out the examples below to get a taste of what’s included in Elektrosphere.


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