New Wave Presets featured on Ask Audio

Jun 07, 2017 by Jesse - 0 Comments

My favorite music news site posted news about the release of Analog Drums.

Check it out here at Ask Audio!

Get all the greatest drum sounds in one package!

Jun 06, 2017 by Jesse - 0 Comments

Now you can get Analog Drums Volume 1 & Volume 2 in one set and some some money too!

It’s available now Here!

Even more great beats for your Elektron Keys/Four

Jun 05, 2017 by Jesse - 0 Comments

128 more top notch drum emulations for the Elektron Analog Keys/Four. It’s available now in the Sound Shop!

Back with a new look!

May 16, 2017 by Jesse - 0 Comments

After some changes to New Wave Presets it’s good to be back up and running again. NWP has a new coat of paint, and a streamlined structure. The biggest change is the end to buying individual sounds. It was a good idea, but proved to be too much work to add sounds one by one, making a sound demo, and explanation for each new sound. This is time that could be better spent making cool new sounds instead so I had to make¬† the change. Thanks to everyone who bought my individual sounds.

A whole new world of sounds!

May 02, 2017 by Jesse - 0 Comments

Get ready for an exciting new set of sounds for your Elektron Analog Keys/Four. After a month of work creating the best new sounds I’m happy to announce the soon to be released sound set, ‘Elektrosphere’. These 128 new sounds are some of my best sound design work yet. There are plenty of unique, interesting keys, pads, instrument emulations, traditional synth sounds, tempo synced presets, game sounds, drums, cutting leads, and more. Sound demos will be coming very soon! Here now!

Working on new sounds

Apr 11, 2017 by Jesse - 0 Comments

I’ve decided to start a new preset package for the Elektron Analog Keys/Four. This time I’m going to take the sounds in a new direction to keep things fresh and interesting for myself. Whereas ‘Analog Foundations’ is all about emulating classic synths and traditional instruments my new sounds will veer into new territory. I’ve been experimenting with more sounds from around the world, glitch, and experimental sounds. So far I’ve only finished about 1/5th of the sounds I want to make but I like what I’ve come up with so far.

Here are the settings for this lead sound

Touch the picture to enlarge


Analog Keys drums

Apr 06, 2017 by Jesse - 0 Comments

I was playing around with some drum sounds on the AK today and came up with a little hip hop beat.

Spring – New sounds

Apr 05, 2017 by Jesse - 0 Comments

Spring is here and it’s time for taking the synth outside. It’s also time to start making some fresh new sounds! I’m happy with the results of my latest sound set ‘Sound Box’ and now it’s time to look towards a new project. I started working on sounds for my OB6, but I still feel like there are many more sounds to get out of my AK. I have to decide whether to carry on with a few more sounds on the AK or start something fresh with the OB6. The OB6 sounds great but it lacks the depth of editing that I’ve grown accustomed to with my trusty AK. The AK always strikes a nice balance of being deep but not too deep.