SH2 Bass & Drums – Analog Rytm Samples

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    Price: $14.00

    128 SH2 synthesizer samples for the Elektron Analog Rytm

    ‘SH2 Bass & Drums’ has plenty of growling basses, floor rumbling sub kicks, and more. All sounds are straight out of the one and only classic bass monster the ‘Roland SH2’. SH2 Bass & Drums includes the classic sounds of a vintage Roland SH2 sampled with care and designed specifically for the Elektron Analog Rytm. There are no added FX or treatment to any of the samples so that you can hear the pure raw analog tone of this classic synth rumbling through your studio.

    The sample set includes the following items:
    128 Samples (16Bit 48Khz 18.2MB)
    1 project file (.syx)
    5 Patterns
    4 Kits with Scenes and Performance macros”

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